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Is your firm getting the Maximum tax benefit from your foreign employees’ health insurance cost?

Are your employees enjoying a 7% group discount on their foreigners’ health insurance?

Group Billing is the answer

Most employers don’t know that with Group Billing, registered companies may deduct foreign employees’ dependent health insurance expense as an employee benefit and reduce gross wages by an average of 46,000.Kč per year – per employee, resulting in a substantial reduction in payroll expenses such as: state taxes, social security and public health insurance for both employer and employee while still providing full dependent health insurance at no additional cost!

Let us show you how to use Group Billing for your foreign employees’ dependent health insurance costs. This method should result in a payroll savings of 5-10% annually and with Group Billing your employees’ will enjoy an additional 7% group discount off their family members’ health insurance rates. Group Billing is a free service to all VZP corporate clients.

Group Billing also saves you time and effort. We administrate all your foreign employees’ complicated insurance needs. You simply direct them to call on us instead of you.

Employee Benefits by MetLife and VZP

  • Tax deductible employee retirement savings plans

  • Group Life and Critical Illness protection

  • D&O Directors and Officers liability insurance

  • GoldWorldwide Sirius international travel-accident health insurance

With rates that are 20 to 30% less than Cigna or Bupa at the same benefit level

To find out more about Group Billing and other cost saving employee benefit plans, please contact our experienced employee benefits specialist 

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