faqAll you need to know about Health Insurance for foreigners living in the Czech Republic

‘Komplexní zdravotní pojištění cizinců’ Act No. 326/19999

How do I purchase Health Insurance for the Czech Republic? 

(employees with work permit (not their family members), pay for public health insurance at work click here)

Please follow these 3 fast and easy steps to purchase private health insurance:

1. Compare benefits and access to local medical facilities of our 3 health plans by viewing Hospitals & Clinics and Plans

2. Calculate your total insurance cost by plan selection, length of coverage(# of  months) and Qualified Discounts  by viewing Prices & Rates

3. Purchase your insurance by answering all questions and providing all vital information on Apply and Pay

You will receive an email confirmation with a secure link for on-line payment or you may arrange bank transfer in any bank worldwide with our payment form.

You will receive your official documents and ID card(s) via email, regular mail/post or DHL express. We can also send your documents to any Embassy or Consulate of the Czech Republic worldwide.

How do I use Health Insurance in Czech Republic?

(citizens, permanent residents and work permit holders click here)

how toIn the event of a medical emergency, call 155 from any telephone. VZP is accepted by all ambulances and by all hospitals in Czech Republic.

In the event of a non-emergency illness or injury, please follow these 2 simple, but required steps:

1. Call the 24hour HelpLine (on the back your VZP ID card) for verification
of benefits and to schedule the earliest appointment for you.

2. Present your VZP ID card at the hospital, clinic or doctor that the 24hour HelpLine scheduled for you. No cash payment is needed for covered medical expenses. VZP pays your hospital and doctor directly.

Prescription drugs are reimbursed less a 100.Kč deductible for each medication prescribed by a doctor by submitting this Claim form.

Medical expenses related to pre-existing conditions are excluded by law for all private health insurance companies in Czech Republic (except if approved for Gold Plan-EXCLUSIVE after passing a medical exam). Good News! If you have pre-existing medical conditions, you still qualify and will be covered for non pre-existing conditions. Please read Terms and Conditions for compete details. 

Important! We advise you to purchase additional travel insurance before departing the Czech Republic.

connectHow do I connect to the right VZP office or website?

As the first and largest health insurance company in ČR providing Private, Public and Travel insurance, VZP has three websites to serve every need and 194 branch offices throughout ČR

To purchase or extend coverage or for client services, please visit the website or call the VZP office that is right for You:

Foreigners living or visiting ČR not work-permit holders – Private

+420.777 735 359
Asia +84 124 5922566

Czech citizens, permanent residents and work-permit holders, but not their family members – Publictheir family members must purchase – Private

+420.952 222 222

Czech citizens and Foreigners needing short term travel accident insurance – Travel

+420.777 735 359

If you are already covered by VZP and can not reach your agent, please call the customer assistance number on the back of your ID card or call

+420.272 099 945

To find out more about Public versus Private health insurance and eligibility requirements in Czech Republic click here. 

For more helpful information, please view FAQ (frequently asked questions)