rateComparison of Rates For Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans for Foreigners

‘Komplexní zdravotní pojištění cizinců’ Act No. 326/19999

For your financial security and for obtaining a foreigners’ visa or residence permit in the Czech Republic

Here is a brief rate comparison of all 3 plans: Exclusive, Comprehensive
for the most popular coverage periods.

For coverage periods from 4 to 60 months click here

Other Qualified Discounts may apply. See below for more for details.

These Rates are Complete with No Hidden Additional Fees and are listed in Czech Koruna Kč/CZK

Age 2-Years Exclusive
2-Years Comprehensive
1-Year Exclusive
1-Year Comprehensive
6-Month Comprehensive
4-Month Comprehensive
17-26 Students 48,300. 18,650. 26,000. 10,100. 5,250. N/A
0-5 Children* 66,850. 40,650 36,000. 21,950. 11,400. 7,600.
6-14 Children* 48,300. 31,350. 26,000. 16,950. 8,800. 5,900.
15-44 66,850. 28,050. 36,000. 15,850. 8,400. 5,600.
44-59 85,400. 32,650. 46,000. 17,650. 9,200. 6,150.
60-69 159,650. 67,650. 86,000. 36,600. 19,000. 12,650.
70+ Senior 291,350. 111,300. 153,000. 58,550. 30,000. 20,000.
Pregnancy and Maternity 178,400. 131,800. 89,200. 65,900. N/A N/A

discountsQualified Discounts

Student Discount 15% For full-time students, ages 17-26

To qualify for this discount you will have to provide us with your University’s name, the name of your program administrator and their contact information, including their email and phone number and also provide us with a confirmation letter from your university.

*Child Discount 5-25%

To qualify for this discount, at least 1 parent and 1 child must apply together on the same Gold or Silver Plan. This discount is calculated based on the number of children ages 0-18 who apply with their parent(s) at a rate of 5% per child up to a maximum discount of 25% per family (5 children). Parent(s) enjoy the same % discount.

Group Billing Discount 7% with additional tax deductions for all participating employers, employees and their family members

We will discount your rate by 7% if your employer participates in VZP Group Billing and has at least 3 foreign, work permit employees with family on VZP private health insurance.

For more information about this valuable employee benefit click here

To qualify for our Group Billing Discount, please provide us with your company name, the name of your HR administrator, and their contact information, including email and phone number.

In addition to this discount, our corporate clients enjoy additional tax deductible savings by declaring their employees’ private health insurance costs an employee benefit. This saves both employer and employee thousands of crowns per year with NO additional cost to the employer. For more detailed information about this valuable benefit, please contact us.